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Prayer Request: Somalia Prayer Request: Somalia


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Somalia (Feb 23, 2020)

Prayer Request:
Would you please pray for Somalia? A country situated in Horn of Africa,past 30 years suffered civil war,drought,warlords,child soldiers needs your prayer.Last two years, three quarters of the country’s livestock have perished,people are selling the last thing they have (Cattles) for a bottle water and leaving their country. On this tragic drought is prevalent,Al-Shabaab (The Somali verson ISIS) is wielding atrocities.Average 219 children under five years are dying everyday,(9% before his/her first birthday, 23 out of 100 are dying before their fifth birthday). Most of them suffer complications with dehydration,pneumonia,diarrhea,measles,because lack of sanitation and drinking water break out cholera,measles,polio,babies getting blind Drought situation,most rural ground points radius 50,60 km have no water,rivers,mountains have dried out,Most of Somali populations average walk 8 hours draw water / mothers walk 100km cannot find feed their babies.3) People under Al-Shabaab control,(Map :  'Being' as an ISIS branch,they perform 1)genociding 'All Male' tactics,2)Beheadings 3)Females starting as 'playthings sexually',end up as brutal murder (massacres) are too common,Harsh Sharia laws leading extrajudicial killings,and summary executions  Women easily exposed to violence,97% suffer female mutilations,45% suffer early marriages. Orphans,there are 590 thousand throughout Somalia,by 'specific African population pyramid produce lots of 5,6 orphans care 2,3 younger ones now facing bitter sandstorms on desert. Stories of Somalia still remain swarms of locusts,civilian human rights during battle,internationally displaced  Situations are beyond the borders 1) Somali State of Ethiopia 2)Marsabit,(Turkana,Mandera) state of Kenya,please pray for them.Would you please pray for : 1.May LORD save their lives of children under 5 combating their lives with complications of dehydration,pneumonia,diarrhea,measles this moment 2.Women for 1)Pregnant-for safe birth (World's highest maternal mortality rate)  2)No more early marriage,pregnancy,mutilation to happen,perform 3) Women protection from violence,crime(rape)3.People with disabilities throughout Somalia/And to more food/water truck to distribute4.1.5 million refugees from kidnappings,malnutrition,water shortages5.Lastly 583 thousand orphans,child soldiers,displaced,Slaves,brides' people under Al-shabaab Lastly I have added images of refugee camps sandstorms : Thank you for your attention for Somali people,Mahadsanid! 

   Discussion: Somalia
Ward Lee-Deacon · 4 years ago

The Church of Christ received your request, and will request congregational, as well as individual prayer's this morning for ALL the precious souls affected in Somalia.


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