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    What Makes a Great Gospel Meeting?

      The term gospel meeting is unique (as far as I can tell) to churches of Christ. Most others are somewhat confused by it. In recent times even among the church, gospel meetings have lost the meaningful impact they once provided. You have heard me, and others talk fondly of two week, and even month long meetings. I participated in several campaigns for Christ in the Los Angeles area, that lasted four weeks each summer. We had hundreds outside under the "Big Tent" usually erected in the heart of South Central LA. Each day we walked in the city, knocking on doors, teaching classes, and often baptizing dozens. We experienced great responses from these meetings, but along with the date on the calendar, things change.
     The world we live in is far less spiritually minded, as is the church. We are not as concerned as we once were about spiritual things. Stop arguing with me, you know it by our own participation, and concern for activities that enhance our own spiritual being. It's not all the fault of the individual, the church as a whole bears some responsibility. The greatness of any gospel meeting, has to be the delivery of the gospel itself. Many preachers have abandoned simple gospel preaching. Which is creatively explaining the facts of the gospel, and distinctive  results of simple obedience to the doctrine the gospel Christ has established.
     The clear, distinct, and direct teaching of the gospel is primary in making a meeting great. East Dallas makes a point to bring in preachers to do just that. Bro. Foster will do his part. So if the power of God to save is in the gospel, and we have a preacher that will deliver it, what's left? Yeah, you know what it is, us. We first need to realize the importance of what is being done this week. Salvation is truly being brought down. We need to be here to be revived and rejuvenated by it. We need to invite, (more than once) and encourage strongly those we are close to, that are lost. If we expose people to the gospel, God has promised his word will do the job. The question is, will we?  Let's do our part to make this meeting great.
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