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Prayer Request: Malnutrition in Nigeria Prayer Request: Malnutrition in Nigeria


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Malnutrition in Nigeria (Apr 25, 2020)

Prayer Request:
=10pt[color=#000000]Would you please pray for Nigeria? The country 2020 because of 1.9 million refugees fled from Boko Haram (Combining already existing 6.6 million people malnourished) caused 'Humanitarian Crisis' became 'the =10ptthird highest mortality rate country' in Africa need your prayer.[/color] =10pt[color=#000000]=10pt1. : =10ptThis map shows current Boko Haram territory,surroundings of '=10ptBorno' =10ptstate where the land of Kanuri tribe,north eastern Nigeria,[/color] =12px[color=#000000]=10ptInside the territories,about Boko Haram,though many people abstractly conceive just "Western African branch of ISIS" but currently beheading,=13.33px =13.33pxg=13.33pxenociding=13.33px 'All Male' tactics,=13.33px=13.33pxfemales =10ptstarting as 'playthings sexually',end up as brutal murder (=10ptmassacres) are too common,c=10pthildren are u=10ptsing as Human bombers/shields,Harsh Sharia laws are leading extrajudicial killings and summary executions in ordinary days;=10ptC=13.3333pxombining concentration camps of Christian Nigerians,these territories became hermit,d=10pt=10ptark places =10ptwhere NGOs or other international individuals cannot approach (50 Yazidis in Baghouz military base...such cases are too many)(2020 Currently 270 thousand children are acutely malnourished) [/color] =10pt[color=#000000]=10pt=10ptAnother I want to request prayer is =10pt'Borno state=10pt' :  The 1.8 million refugees,past 10 years which fled from Boko Haram resettled there,current situation is this bad=10pt=10pt=10pt : Even some of them just lying/living =10pton the nothing left dirt ground,malnutrition caused =10pt=10pt=10ptchildren under 5 years death are prevalent =10pt,and Cholera,Pneumonia,=10pt=10pt=10ptMalaria,Diarrheal diseases;=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10ptkidnappings by Islamic groups pushing people end up as human shields,=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=13.33pxhuman bomb,female sla=10ptves or brides,Outlawry is bringing criminals prevalent throughout the camps.[/color] =10pt[color=#000000]=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10ptAnd If I could request more prayer as Nigeria traditionally t=10ptakes high ranks among countries =10ptof malnutrition=10pt (69% all =10ptpopulation are living =10ptless than 1 dollar per day,estimated 2 million are acutely) Malnutrition/disease situation mentioned above are =10ptsame but only different in=10pt people in Sokoto,Kastina,Admawa States,I=10ptf you could please pray for them also (Specially the =10ptchildren s=10pttruggling their lives with malnutrition and diseases above)=13.3333px.Statistics =10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10ptaccumulated people executed by Boko Haram is currently 27 thousand. [/color] =10pt[color=#000000]=10ptWould you please pray for : [/color] =10pt[color=#000000]=10pt1.Children under 5 years old struggling their lives caused by Pneumonia,Neonatal Disorder,Babies born with HIV,Tuberculosis,Diarrheal disease,(Malaria,Malnutrition) in Borno State (Also =13.33px5-12 old children,up to 40 years old adults also serious) [/color] =10pt[color=#000000]=10pt2.Protection of Refugees,kidnappings/To =10ptmore water,food to distribute,a=10ptnd no more =13.33pxCholera to outbreak.[/color] =10pt[color=#000000]=10pt3.People seized under Boko Haram : Those Slaves,Brides,S=10ptold as Brides May LORD saves their lives. [/color] =10pt[color=#000000]=10pt4.And children/males =10ptunder Boko Haram to be released,for =10ptChristians inside the concentration camps.[/color] =12px[color=#000000]=10pt5.N=13.33pxo more genocide take place and =10pt=13.33pxthese atrocities to over.(=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10pt=10ptSokoto,Kastina,Admawa states)[/color] =10pt[color=#000000]Let me suggest more =10ptreadings of Borno state r=10ptefugee camps : [/color] =10pt[color=#000000]And Pictures of malnourished children Nigeria =10pt:[/color] =10pt[color=#000000]Lastly,thank you so much for your attention for malnourished people in Nigeria.May LORD bless you.[/color] =10pt[color=#000000] [/color]  

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