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Prayer Needs (Oct 9, 2015)

Prayer Request:
Hello Brothers and Sister:I am requesting prayer for myself and my family. At this time, we are really going through a really trying time. My middle son has come back to live with me and my other two children after being away for a couple of years. He is absolutely out of control with his behavior which is the reason I sent him with his father. Well, his father has pretty much given up on him and sent him back home to live with me. My oldest son and my middle son are forever at war. Their brotherly relationship is non-existent. He is extremely disrespectful towards me and the rest of the household. I have sent him to every doctor and therapist I can think of. I am pretty much at my wits end. He is zapping me mentally, physically, and financially. I am requesting they you please pray for me and my family in hopes that things will drastically improve.I am also requesting prayer for my financial situation. I am a single mother of three children and their father is not doing anything for us. I don’t have the greatest just and I really cannot go anywhere at this time, as this job is very lenient with me taking off when I need to. I’m there for convenience, and definitely not the money. I am owed a rather substantial amount of child support, and my case seems to be going nowhere. Things are pretty rough at this time with my warring teenagers and my financial situation. Please pray for me that things will improve for my household in the very near future.Thank you for your prayers in advance. Your Sister in Christ, Tanya

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